Monday, March 26, 2012


This is the quilt that I made for my Fiona's new Asian bedroom.

At this time I can't say that my quilting is brilliant but it does the job.  Given more space in my studio I'd be able to leave my Bailey longarm out all the time and hence get more practice.  As it is I only pull her out for the larger jobs.
 Here you can see it in all its chopstick pile glory.  We were lucky enough to find Fiona a new bedroom set that reflected the Asian theme with the Japanese bridge headboard on her new bed.
As can be seen here it is a quilt that will grow with her.  This was not intended but it just seemed to end up bigger than I'd thought.

Little sister Amanda's new quilt is on my sewing machine right now getting its binding attached ready for the hand work.  Were this quilt is quiet like Fiona, Amanda's is very loud!

Oh before I forget you can also see the new floor we laid for Fiona here.  Currently working on Amanda's new floor ready for her bedroom transformation.

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