Monday, March 12, 2012

Finishing Pretty Petals

 Well folks here we go.

This one was interesting as I did not want to add any stiff inner layer.

First I traced the original pattern twice onto freezer paper (on the mat side).
 Now iron this shiny side down onto Ultra Suede and cotton quilters batting.

I used Ultra Suede to make life a bit easier as there is no need to turn the edges under.
Cut out the Ultra Suede on the line.

I cut the batting out a little bit inside the line.

 I know this bit is nerve racking but you can do this.

AGAIN label each petal layer, then cut around leaving about a 1/4 inch of canvas.

Now clip into each base at the corners.

 I then finger pressed the excess canvas to the rear, if you wish a firmer edge and be hassled with dragging out the iron then go ahead and GENTLY press with an iron.  Just be careful that you don't compress the threads.
 Here you see the layers.

Note that I have only finger pressed one petal at the moment.  That is just personal preference.

 Not begins the stitching.  I catch the edge of the pressed under canvas and the Ultra Suede.

 Continue working around in tiny little stitches.  Some finishers will do this at the same time of attaching the cording but I prefer to do each part separately.

Takes longer but easier to manage.
 Here you can see how I finger press as I'm going along.
 Just another view, here you can see just how tiny the stitches are.  Just taking a nibble of the Ultra Suede.

When you get close to the end leave a gap at the center for insertion of wire and cording ends.
I choose to use a french knot instead of the suggested stitch.

Again cut this out and finger press the excess canvas to the wrong side.

Put to one side for now.

 I did tack down the excess canvas and left a long tail of quilting thread for later.
 All four parts ready for cording and assembly.
I used DMC memory thread that is a wire wrapped in thread but you could use floral wire.  As chose the DMC because it will show on the rear and this allowed me some degree of colour matching.

The cording is made to match using the same two blues I stitched with.  Again you could use a purchased cord if you wished.
The wire is attached first.  I tried to keep it towards the back of each piece so the cording can nestle on top.

The cording comes next and is attached by sewing though the actual cording (into the valley) and coming out into your needlepoint being careful not to split the threads.

Then back towards the cording again into a valley.

When you have done each layer stack them in the most pleasing manner.

Using a darning needle and quilting thread stitch them together though the center.  I was careful to come out at the edge on the bottom layer for a neater look.

While you are doing this part you may add a magnet between the bottom two layers.  This is what is suggested in the original instructions.

 This allows for either a really cool fridge magnet or with the use of a second magnet a pin.
 Now back to the center piece.

I used the leftover quilting thread and gathered the piece to match the previously finished section.  I also added a piece of batting into the center.
 Again using the quilting thread attach to the petals.
Your master piece is now done.

Mine is currently being used as a pin and the center makes a very useful pin cushion.

It will be interesting to see how people react to this unusual pin.

Today is the perfect day for such a spring like piece.


  1. very nice...I've stitched a couple o these but never tried finishing myself. maybe I will now. thanks.

  2. Instructions are excellent. Thanks for sharing.
    Enjoy Carol in Tenn.

  3. Thanks for posting this. I want to do Pretty Petals myself and am terrified of finishing. Your instructions are great and I have to make a note so I can refer to them when I get that far along.

  4. Very pretty - I love the idea of making it into a magnet. And, you make it look so easy! They'd also look great on a stem in a vase. . . in seasonal colors. Another project idea!! Thanks??

  5. I just started work on Pretty Petals and remembered seeing your post. Now that you have provided such great instructions for finishing, I'm excited about doing this project. Thank you! Angie