Sunday, March 18, 2012

Watch this space!

I am currently finishing Halloween Treat and yes it is a treat.  The prefect fabric just happened to be at the only store I found round here with Halloween fabric.  I swear it matches the diagonal strip in the top right corner to a tee.  Hopefully I will post the instructions and results this coming week.

The third block for my Sue Spargo block of the month arrived yesterday complete with the tiny piece of orange needed to finish block two so that will also be seen this week.

I may also unveil my Fiona's new bedroom as her furniture arrives tomorrow.  She is really looking forward to putting the cherry blossom tree in place along with her other artwork.  Now mum needs to square off her quilt and get the binding on.  Then onto the 2 needlepoint kimonos to go with the cross stitch piece her gran did for her.

When Andrew gets back from India it then be onto Amanda's bedroom floor and she will inherit her big sisters white bed set.  Her choice for the walls was to stay the same but we will be adding some Gerber daisies.

I know there are no pictures but in best Dr Who style that would be "spoilers".

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