Sunday, February 7, 2010


Progressing nicely with the ANG stitch of the Month (SOM). This was my first time using Silk Lame Braid, have to say it is very enjoyable to use a metallic that is easy to use and gives just a touch of glitter.
So now it is back to my Millenium x-stitch (it must be love as this is for my husband).
Also now waiting for the arrival of a Bailey 15 quilting machine. I have assembled my original Grace quilting frame with an upgrade for mid arms and also today made up the new carriage for my Bess 15 (yes I named her, this is normally for members of the Bailey Yahoo group). I thought a regal name (after Good Queen Bess/Elizabeth I) as she will have a throne and carriage.
By now you may have gathered that I enjoy many different art forms.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Progress Report

I am so ready to be done with my Millenium x stitch so having a bit of a break by working on Twister. You will hear me say this a lot but there is something so relaxing about laying threads and with a house full of colds including the cat and the dust bunnies (not me thank the Lord) I need relaxing.