Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween costumes

Very proud to say that despite only being in our new home a little more than a week I was able to set aside a day to make my girls their requested costumes.

Amanda wanted to be a fairy, so with her love of texture I made the bodice out of velvet and the skirt is lined in purple satin and with an over skirt of over dyed sheer with a squabble of course.  Then a set of over sized wings at a bargain price of $5 made for a happy young girl.

Don't you just love the socks!

Then Fiona wanted to be a woodland pixie.  I was firmly told that pixie don't have wings!  For this I used a dress she already owns that is a red mesh with an underlay of metallic purple.  I made the skirt as a separate item with a sparkly green sheer.  Then purchased two autumn floral pieces that I deconstructed and sewed onto the skirt, dress and a hair comb to give the woodland effect.

As luck would have it when Filna came home from school she told me that one of the local elementaries was having a Halloween Faire that evening so timing was perfect.

I am back!

Life went crazy for a while with my husband have a lot of work stress and hence a decision to relocate back To AZ.

We found a house with a 1,000 sq ft studio, okay it was originally a home theatre.  The wonderful husband said it was all mine but I honestly can't use that much space so I am sharing with my girls.

With the mention of my girls comes the next change in our lives...... At 45 I got the surprising news that I am pregnant!!,!?  So no at 19 weeks and all in well in that department.

Now a days my husband has been seen to smile and the girls are settling into their new schools.

That's enough of life.

In the process of moving and now unpacking the boxes I have realized that it is time to set a goal of using what I have and finishing projects.  Hence over the next however long the only new project allowed in this house is my Sue Spargo block of the month.

This is the back of a sweater from Vogue Knitting Early Fall call Textured Top.  I am using Rowan belle organic Aran which is a lovely soft wool cotton blend.