Thursday, March 22, 2012

More Sue Spargo Stuff

 This the start of my Teaberry Sac by Sue Spargo.  My first change was the use of an upholstery fabric for the background.  This is part of my year long attempt to use what I have in my studio.

I have wanted to do this bag for years since seeing it done by a good friend.

Also aiming at making it more spring/summer like than the original. Hence the lime green.
 A naked block 3 from Sue's block of the month.

Just wait to see what she has us doing around the centre of the flower this month.

I think I will try it out on my new sampler cloth first. It is a stitch I've done before but not in multiples around the edge of a piece.
 Some of our merry band are not sure about appliqueing the inner curves on the cotton fabric.

I my case I have always snipped to the curve and when I get there take a few satin stitches.  This is why it is important to have a matching thread.
Love the use of the ribbons this month.  If like me they are going to have a cut end laying around for awhile there is a chance of unraveling so I used nail polish as it was hand. Otherwise Fray Check is the way to go.

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