Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pretty Petal Pin - Started

This usually piece is by Toni Gerdes and was presented to us at Cyberstitchers Chapter of ANG. 

I choose not to use the listed threads as I've been looking for an excuse to try Hyla's High Cotton.

This is a stranded thread that is thicker than DMC/Anchor.  Has 5 strands for some reason.  It is a bit like using multiply strands of a fine perle.  I  think this is a thread I will start to collect.

I am also using a canvas that I purchased in a bundle and really don't care for.  In the future it may get used for a project with my girls.

Going to Fiona's self defense class now and the little one (Amanda) has asked if she can bring her needlepoint with us to do.  Needlework is catching in this household.

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