Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pomegranete Runner Finished

Binding done and now this is ready to take pride of place on my dining table.  Loved working on this both in the class last fall and then here and there whilst my girls do their various activities. 

It has produced many ohs and ars leaving me in danger of getting a very large head.  The other effect is that I have two new wool stitchers and a possible other who has never even seen my work.  I have decided to have a small group meeting at my house once a month.  My wish is to have both new and experienced stitchers so that more people learn the pleasure and relaxation that this type of project allows.

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  1. Your Pomegranate looks fantastic and your stitching is beautiful. I am 1/2 done with My Pomegranate and I am anxious to get it finished. Lucky you to have other stitchers join you. It always lovely to have friends to stitch with.