Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More finishes.

 I'm starting some holiday buckets similar to what I've seen in the magazines.  This is for my Spring/Easter which is the first one I have started.

Some pieces like this will be purchased designs, this was a card kit my MIL got me several years ago.  Others like a bargello egg I will be designing myself.

This is part of Countdown to Christmas Club done for Fireside Stitchery by Kathy Shenkel.  Eleven more to go plus a replacement for one day that I've done but can't find.

I finished this using my own method rather than that suggested by Kathy Shenkel as I wanted a slimmer piece.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

February - Festival Flower

So pleased with myself I have now caught up on both my by the month projects.

I think I must be addicted to bullions they seem to end up in all my embellished projects.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mum and Daughter

 I have to boast about my eldest Fiona. She is enjoying wool applique and her mind is already filling with embellishing ideas. This is her working on her January block and the results so far.

My Twister Colours

I am posting my Twister colour now as well.

Colorway I:

1. 897 Anchor

2. 896 Anchor

3. 1027 Anchor

4. 895 Anchor

5. 894 Anchor

6. 893 Anchor

7. 892 Anchor

8. 892 Anchor

9. 893 Anchor

10. 894 Anchor

11. 895 Anchor

12. 1027 Anchor

13 896 Anchor

14. 897 Anchor

Colorway II

15. 822 DMC

16. 644 DMC

17. 3782 DMC

18. 3032 DMC

19. 642 DMC

20. 640 DMC

21. 681 Anchor

22. 934 DMC

23. 681 Anchor

24. 640 DMC

25. 642 DMC

26. 3032 DMC

27. 3782 DMC

28. 644 DMC

29. 822 DMC

In the center square I choose not to use the prescribed floss so used a Needle Necess. perle 5 overdyed color 5126 instead I'm not sure if this is available in the new brand. Also choosing to use this in the boarder to pull it out to the edge.

Flower Festival Block of the Month

Smith Owen of  Plainfield MI (  have a felt applique BOM that my Fiona (9 yr's old) and myself are doing.  This is using the book Flower Festival by Kim Schaefer.  Not sure my Fiona will get all hers done this year but well try.

Anyway here is January, these simply shapes really appeal to me from an embellishing standpoint.  My other daughter Amanda (3) has already laid claim to this quilt.
 I really like how the stem turned out with the rickrack couched down with a tweed thread and then French knots for accents.  The bullions on the silk velvet are done in a wool thread for contrast.  I had thought about layering on the leaves however this chenille thread decided to jump into the picture and I think it may have had the right idea.

I'm already thinking about how this quilt will be assembled.  At the moment I think no sashing but instead will embellish the seams.

Friday, February 18, 2011

SOM 2010 Threads Used

For those of you asking these are the threads and canvas I used in the ANG SOM 2010.

Canvas Color - Eggshell with Gold Metallic

Family A - Pink Vineyard Silk #C-131 Splendor Silk #1041 #12 Braid - #092 Beads - Something I had in my stash

Family B - Cream Vineyard Silk #C-044 Splendor Silk #1068 Silk Lame 18 ct - #SL60 #8 Braid - #210 #4 Braid - #210

Family C - Brown Vineyard Silk #C-041 Splendor Silk #955 #12 Braid - #2122 #16 Braid - #2122

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Twice in one day!

I am now caught up with the ANG SOM.  Very pleased with the first stitch and the way it looks with my colour choices. 

New Start

Started work on this years stitch of the month, so far I've got the outline stitches in (January) and now onto February which fills in the first diamond.  I'll post a picture once it is done, I promise.  In the mean time these are the threads I'm using.

Focus Thread:

Silk N Color                          SNC 976 Jelly Bean

Other Stranded Silks:

Splendor                                S 1138 (bright orange)
Gloriana                                 127 Purkle Fred
Gloriana                                 020 Jewel Turquoise

Pearl Threads:

Trebizond                               631 Stratosphere
                                              693 Persian Blue
                                              495 Sweet Pea
                                              385 Orange Sherbet


18 count Black

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just 2 months late!

Well I'm happy to say that my SOM from last year is done.  Now I can catch up with the ANG stitch of the month for this year.

 At one stage I was worried there was too much pink but totally happy with the end result.

I used a larger bead than suggested because I want them to pop, hence the metallic pink as well. 

Did not add beads to the 4 corner squares as with these beads it just look wrong.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Here are the ones for my girls.

Break from ANG SOM 2010

I like to make an ornament for a special friend when I have the time.  Well I decided to do an embellished heart.  Well my 3 year old saw it and said she'd like one and I should also do one for my 9 year old.

They only took a couple of days and I'm very pleased with the results.

This is the first using wool, silk taffeta, silk velvet and a variety of threads and some beads.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SOM 2010 Progress in a blizzard!

Well as I said I have ben working on my ANG stitch of the month from last year now into October.  I am not allowing myself to start this years yet although I purchased the Evertite bars today (threads purchased last month).

Hopefully I'll be able to add to it tomorrow if I'm not sholving snow and improving our two snow forts.

I am finding it easier to couch the diamond before doing the hearts inside as is suggested in the instructions.