Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Start

Started work on this years stitch of the month, so far I've got the outline stitches in (January) and now onto February which fills in the first diamond.  I'll post a picture once it is done, I promise.  In the mean time these are the threads I'm using.

Focus Thread:

Silk N Color                          SNC 976 Jelly Bean

Other Stranded Silks:

Splendor                                S 1138 (bright orange)
Gloriana                                 127 Purkle Fred
Gloriana                                 020 Jewel Turquoise

Pearl Threads:

Trebizond                               631 Stratosphere
                                              693 Persian Blue
                                              495 Sweet Pea
                                              385 Orange Sherbet


18 count Black

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