Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do I need another tote bag?

 Yes if it is made with a Sue Spargo kit, I do need a new tote. Think of it as therapy.

I was very unsure of stitching with vinyl but will do so again if appropriate.

Loved using ready made handles for the first time.

The applique is actually a pocket, I would never of thought of this myself.

 I resisted the urge to exchange fabrics or add any additional ones.

Also no beads.  The metallic threads just had to be used however on the rickrack to give the piece a bit of punch.
 Took me a while to decide what to put on the hill, then thought a field of flowers.  This is done with an overdyed cotton thread of 3 parallel stitches and then going back after with another colour to tie the bundle.

I have in my collection of threads some silks that an old friend (now departed) gave me.  This was over ten years ago and until now have not used.  The orange/gold is a Pearsall stranded silk from England.  I will definitely use this again may even have to buy some when I go to visit my birth country this summer.

I used this same silk on the printed orange fabric in a simple running stitch for additional texture.

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