Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ANG SOM - January

Well I've finished the first month and here you go. Not much to see yet. Trying to resist the urge to do this is another color way at the same time. I love the loft that Vineyard silk has, it gives the impression that one has run a line of padding stitches underneath. Back to my cross stitch for a short while while I decide what to pull from my To Do Drawers next! There again I could wait for the next stitch on this project decision decisions.


  1. Yes, it does look padded. Do you hand sew the edges? I usually tape them. Are there advantages that I don't know about? I use cloth tape from first aid section of pharmacy & it is fast. Thanks for sharing. Melita

  2. I Zigzag on my machine as it is there and ready to use at all times. I keep meaning to buy some tape but never seem to remember.