Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Another one done.

 Love it, big time.  Now it is time to leave it for 48 hours before it takes a trip to be framed.  This will be first time I get a piece of needlepoint framed by a professional.  I think I will however mount it onto foam core myself first.

My thought is a plain black frame but will see what is suggested.
The white parts of the wings are done using Patina.  I let untwist a bit so as to achieve a look of feathers.

To prove a point the first thing Fiona said when she saw the wings was "wow they really look like feathers", fair made my day.

I asked her what I should start next and she said I should finish something I'd already started.  My eldest is a meanie!


  1. What stitch did you use? I can't enlarge the photo to see the details.

    It is fantastic!

    1. The white background is 2 stands of perle #12 laid vertically and then couch in a double running stitch horizontally.

      For the red background of the kimono I couched the center vertical threads with a running zigzag and then the sleeves are a couched digonal.

      If you look at previous postings I believe I did close ups of these.