Friday, March 11, 2011

Flower Festival Block of the Month - March

I have to admit that I wasn't sure about the colours that my local store picked for this.  I think the addition of the turquoise really lifts it.

Had to stop myself last night from over embellishing this one.

I decided to fancy up the fly stitch by using a bullion.

Also falling in love with Trezibond silk.  It gives the sheen of rayon without the headache.  Used the last of this green on the leaves so yesterday had to purchase another.  Well it is a beautiful green after all.

Used sea grass for the chain stitch on the stem.

I've tried to do a lattice on other pieces and this is the first time I have been happy with the results.

The stamen are done in the new overdyed Petite Velvet by Rainbow Gallery.

For those that don't know Sue Spargo's techniques the mini circles are created with a Friskers hole punch.  I keep even tiny pieces of scrap wool for this purpose.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Needlepoint Now Video | Twisted Cord

I have been asked how to make a twisted cord. This is one method using a tool for the purpose. You can also do the same thing using a drill with a hook instead of a drill bit. Alternatively you can twist by hand, this just takes a while longer.

I use a tool by Lacis called a Cord Maker and Fringe Twister that allows me to use several colours. This available from Nordic Needle as well as many other suppliers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finishing a small ornament

As promised my technique for finishing a small ornament.  I also use this for scissor fobs.  I hope a picture says a thousand words.

Pieces ready to be finished into a back to back ornament.

First remove the corners for ease of folding for the next stage.
Finger fold each side across the point of each piece.

Now fold along the sides as shown.

Place the two pieces together and using quilting thread or unwaxed dental floss start whip stitching them together from the top of the piece.  This should be as tight as possible without breaking the thread.

Continue until only one side is open, stuff as firmly as required.  Now continue stitching until only a small opening is left at the top.  This is to allow you to insert the beginning and end of the decorative cording (I usually make mine using the same thread as in the piece for a custom look).

When I stitch on the cording I have the needle coming out into the piece as shown.  This allows me to stitch the cording on firmly and without the stitches showing.
Now back at the top I stuff the rest of the cording into the small opening, leaving a hanging loop, before closing and firmly sewing the hanging loop in place.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fiona first finished applique block.

 Not a bad first attempt.  Fiona tried several stitches on this piece.

She did have some difficulty with the blanket stitch but I think is was partly because she was using a very slippy Trebizond silk.

The back stitch she figured out herself.
The silk velvet circle was done using a 50wt silk thread (Tire) this was enjoyed as Fiona liked the way it slide through the fabric.

I was very proud of this part as she managed to do it using an orange thread as I wanted her to learn how to make a mismatched colour disappear.

My belief is that one should let a child use the same quality of material as one would expect to use yourself.  That said I have made her aware of the cost of this.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do I have to use a title?

 March done in timely fashion. 

First attempt I should have looked at the colour picture as I alternated the colour of each wedge.

Rippit, rippit.

I wanted bright and it is certainly heading in that direction.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Do I need another tote bag?

 Yes if it is made with a Sue Spargo kit, I do need a new tote. Think of it as therapy.

I was very unsure of stitching with vinyl but will do so again if appropriate.

Loved using ready made handles for the first time.

The applique is actually a pocket, I would never of thought of this myself.

 I resisted the urge to exchange fabrics or add any additional ones.

Also no beads.  The metallic threads just had to be used however on the rickrack to give the piece a bit of punch.
 Took me a while to decide what to put on the hill, then thought a field of flowers.  This is done with an overdyed cotton thread of 3 parallel stitches and then going back after with another colour to tie the bundle.

I have in my collection of threads some silks that an old friend (now departed) gave me.  This was over ten years ago and until now have not used.  The orange/gold is a Pearsall stranded silk from England.  I will definitely use this again may even have to buy some when I go to visit my birth country this summer.

I used this same silk on the printed orange fabric in a simple running stitch for additional texture.