Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting ready!

This Friday is the start of 3 days of classes with Sue Spargo at Smith Owen, Grand Rapids.

I have changed the colours in the pomegranate runner to reflect our time living in Tucson, AZ when we had our own tree.  Hence the blue for the sky and the pinkie reds for the mountains.

As I only found out that my kit should have had a pattern in it this week I have been working like there is no tomorrow to get things done.  Had to stop last night due to holes in my fingers.

For the Sunday class I am taking my Fiona who is beyond excited.  It is the circle of life in action as the first class I took with Sue was touch and go due to being heavily pregnant with Fiona at the time.

Not some of my better photos but will have to do for now as it it is back to stitching for me.  I have the leaf bases cut and would like to get those in place before tomorrow.


  1. circle of life, ha ha! Lovely work there!

  2. So how did the class go? Did you think she was a good teacher? I love your pomegranate! I grew up in Tucson, and we had two trees in our backyard. My dad would make quarts of syrup every year! I miss that.