Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dino Dots Cap

May and I've finished the first of my girls Christmas ornaments.  This part of the Cozy Caps range by A Collection of Designs.

I used different threads than suggested but for the most part used the stitches suggested.

 This is the cap prior to finishing.
Although I am not a great fan of ultra suede that was the only green that I had that fit the bill

First I roughly cut a piece larger than needed.

Place backing fabric right side to rigth side with the piece of  needlework.

Here you can see I have started to stitch around the cap.  As I am intending to line this the bottom will remain open.

The sewing thread is a hand quilting thread and I use a back stitch.

This step may also be done by machine but I wanted to show that anyone  can do this even if they don't own a sewing machine.

Before I get to the make a simple tassel using some of the threads used in the stitching.

If one is not using cording around the ornament then this would also be the time to insert a hanging loop.

The tassel in place

Then finish stitching around the ornament.  Remember to leave the bottom open.

Trim away any excess fabric and canvas

Snip into any curves being very careful not to cut the ornament.

Turn the piece out.

Yeh now the ornament is beginning to take shape.

Finger press the bottom hems inwards.

Select your lining fabric.  I chose to go a bit funky.

Carefully draw around the edge of the ornament.

This will be your stitch line.

Again this step can be done by machine.  I did it with a simple running stitch.

Again finger press the bottom hem.

Here the lining is inserted wrong side to wrong side and pined in place.
 If using cording leave a gap at the both side seams as this is where you tuck in the ends.

Now I use a ladder stitch to attach the lining.

Insert one end of the cording in the gap left

Using a stabbing stitch attach the cording.  Burying the the cording so it is unseen. 

Unless you have being doing fine hand sewing for many years use a matching thread.

I attached the cord around half the bottom then went up the side, made the hanging loop, down the other side and finally complete the bottom.

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