Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Easter decorations for Louise and my Girls.

One of the groups I'm in kindly passed on this link This is a wonderful resource for wool artists.  Whilst visiting I found a solution to my Easter gift/decoration for my friend Louise, not only that but it was so cute I had to make two.  The original is by The Adventures of Bluegirlsxo.

Here are my versions.

 I thought the bunnies might like some chocolate carrots. 
This is the egg for Louise using a floral trim from Sue Spargo.  Rick rac stitched down with variegated DMC Pearl and then french knot flower buds in Petite Velvet.  The bobble trim is again from Sue.
Several weeks ago I won a scrap bag of threads from Krenik, if you ever see these at a show I recommend getting one.  The stems use threads from this bag.  Leaves are done an Needle Necessities floss with a bit of Krenik in the center of the Bullion leaves.

The pink flowers are punched out wool scraps.  The orange/pink buds are stitched with Sea Grass which is one of my favorite threads.
Normally I have real trouble with faces but these just knew that chocolate was involved so worked with the first attempt.  The eyes are bullions done in Krenik to give a little twinkle to these carrot loving bunnies.


  1. Wonderful eggs! I love how you trimmed each one. I haven't heard of sea grass. Is that the color or the thread? I love NN. I still have lots, even though I mostly use Sassa Lynne now. Your design is so cute with the wool flowers added in.