Tuesday, January 25, 2011


For some reason I couldn't insert any more pictures so here are the close up of some of the leaves.

This is an on going project as I need to try out different ideas.

I also finished the Sue Spargo piece I started in February, very pleased with the end result.

 I know it's sideways, but at least I got it here.

 The white puff flower was achieved by needle felting which Barb Soet it teaching me.

The dragonfly is cute and also covers a fault in the wool background fabric. 

Over Christmas my good friend Fe came to visit and we quilting two tops for her and she inspired me to have another go at knitting myself a shawl.  Although I've knitted since a small child I have never been able to complete a shawl.  Well no longer and here is the proof.

I mentioned Barb Soet and here is a teddy I made in one of her classes.  I know he leaves a lot to be disired.

Getting upto date yesterday I finished Twister and my wonder MIL has requested it.  Also my eldest and I have started on a wool block of the month as she wishes to do some embellishing work.

Ta ta for now and hopefully I will keep up with this and post an update and last years ANG stitch of the month soon.


  1. Your work is beautiful! The quilt and Twister are outstanding. I even like the little bear. If you are giving away Twister, you are truely a generous person with your time and talent. That is a big project to give away:)

  2. Hi Susan--Your Twister is lovely. Would you be willing to share your color choices? I have this pattern in my stash and can't for the life of me figure out what colors to use in it.

    I really like the pink and gray thread in the center of each quadrant. The pink threads really pop out at me, and I LOVE the way this pulls my eye to the center of the design. That's the part I see, not each quadrant as a separate element. Your color choices give the design a wholeness that I've not seen with other stitched examples of this.


    Carol S.

  3. The center is an old discontinued NN Perle 5126. Colour Way one: 897 A (anchor), 896 A, 1027 A, 895 A, 894 A, 893 A, 892 A.
    Colour way two: 822 D (DMC), 644 D, 3782 D, 3032 D, 642 D, 640 D, 681 A, these are a green grey. I can't take credit for the colour choice as I was gifted the canvas and threads (except the NN) from C Karrle of Tucson who knew I wished to do this piece and had it in her stash.

  4. Thanks for the colors, Susan. It really helps me to see what other people are doing so I get the contrasts right when I finally get mine going.

    Carol S.