Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well here is the lastest. First I must admit that I made a mistake in February by putting in extra eyelets in each square. My MIL spotted this so now the back of my work looks like a rats nest.

This month I chose to make the triple cross a bit more delicate by only using one of Kreinik in the step.
Now back onto Twister for a while.


  1. Great colors!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. The colors you picked are so pretty -- except for the brown. I don't understand why someone would put that with pink and cream. It just ruins it for me. I know it's just my opinion, but brown is one of the top two ugliest colors -- the other being orange.

  3. Beautiful! The colors looks so fresh. I have been looking through the spring fashion magazines and pink and brown and gold are all over the place.